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Our services

We offer you a totally new concept from market research to setting up a new company.


Phase 1

U.S. Market Entry / Expansion Implementation Plan

    • Business management system evaluation and development tasks
    • Recap of Initial Research and Findings for US markets
    • Identify Proposed Target Market
    • Size of Proposed Target Market
    • Market Penetration Benefits with Proposed Target Market
    • Create pilot projects• Evaluate Import / Export Requirements
  • Readiness for Phase 2

Phase 2

U.S. Market Entry / Expansion Implementation Plan

    • Key Items of Work Needed
    • Proposed Scope of Work Finland
    • Proposed Scope of Work US Development Team
    • Meet with client Finland team and US Development Team
    • Review findings of research and evaluation
    • Make recommendations for US Business Development Marketplace Rollout
    • Set strategy for establishing US Corporation, Office and Bank Accounts
    • Decide timeline for US Business Development to proceed
  • Readiness for Phase 3

Phase 3

U.S. Entity Launch 

    • Create and Fund the US Corporation
    • Establish a virtual office in the United States
    • Setup the bank accounts
    • Marketing program for the Projected Target Market
    • Create the distribution program
    • Determine cost of order to delivery process
    • Create the virtual presentation for funders and buyers
    • Present to funders and buyers
  • Presentation to Market Visions international network

Extensive consultation

We help you to get funding for internationalization and connect you to decision makers in a new market.
We Help You To Get Funding

We Help You To Get Funding

We know how to apply for funding from Finnish public funding channels.

Market Research And Competitive Analysis

Market Research And Competitive Analysis

Our goal is to catalyze hands-on learning and innovative thinking on how to run a successful business in the U.S. marketplace.

Existing And Professional Network

Existing And Professional Network

Through the Smart Viaduct program, we partner with our existing network of business decision makers across the U.S. to share business...

We are a network of real entrepreneurs

We work with entrepreneur attitudes. We know what successful internationalization demands. Homework should be done, resources always in effective use and risk management in good condition.

Our own branded concept implements and follows Business Finland’s services.

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