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+358 50 5923958
Mon – Fri 08:00 -17:00

We provide an independent team of BUSINESS EXECUTIVES and SERIAL ENTREPRENEURS with years of experience in international business and funding.

  • Having a completed Market Research and Competitive Analysis report will make it easier to receive new funding, even if you choose not to proceed with the expansion project.
  • Work with one group to complete all steps and have one cohesive strategic plan and business blueprint to incorporate all steps of the project.
  • Our team will make sure that all reporting meets the requirements of the lender or government entity supporting the project.
  • Receive support from our full team in both Europe and the United States.
  • There will be dedicated project managers in both regions. SVP Business Development Consulting – after you complete the full SVP Program.
  • Our team will provide key contacts for your company to establish your business in your expansion area.
  • Our team will assist you in developing your first three years’ operating budget for the new company.
  • Our team will help you to maintain access to the levels of funding you need as your business grows.
  • Our team can assist you in applying for project funding, if needed.
  • Our team will work with you to make sure all documents are properly translated and explained.

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