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+358 50 5923958
Mon – Fri 08:00 -17:00

We want to serve you.

We've helped dozens of companies in internationalization. We help companies with IP issues and trademark protection. We also help your company to get funding for internationalization.

Our core team in Finland

Martti Blomberg
Mikko Kettunen
Samuli Muhonen

Ceriffi’s experience

We’ve helped hundreds of Finnish companies to raise their internationalization.
We coach companies in matters of quality and the protection of intellectual property.
We know how to apply for funding from Finnish public funding channels.

Ceriffi’s web pages:

Our core team in USA

Tana Torrano
Minna LeVine
Maunu Korpela

Market Vision

Market Vision has earned a strong reputation for our ability to successfully facilitate prosperous relationships by producing high-impact partner projects, trade missions, educational programs, seminars, workshops, and conferences.
Our team of key advisors have over 25 years’ experience in Marketing, Management, Media and International Business Development.

Market Vision’s web pages:

US Gateway Cities

We have a comprehensive network of experts, who are ready to serve you and your company.

Our location in Georgia

Atlanta’s great location is a big advantage for us. Several European airlines have direct flights to Atlanta.

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